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The exposition of depart­ment “Nature” was opened in 1975

The mu­seum is a constant object of interest and attention as for the tourists, visiting Belogradchik, thus for those, who study in the region.
The exposition of the mu­seum is unique in Northwest Bulgaria.
The idea of its establishing was to stress on the ecological aspects in nature side by side with the direct introduction of the representatives of the local fauna and flora.
Nowadays the exposition includes 520 exponents, and the fund has about 2500 other (totally about 3000). All this makes the collection unusually valuable.
In the department, in a close “living-together”, can be seen some of the most attractive rep­resentatives of the living and non-living nature, typical of the territory of Northwest Bul­garia from the ancient geologi­cal times till nowadays. Among them can be seen samples of rocks, preparations of animal species (insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) eggs of birds, herbariums of plants.

In the exposition halls the exponents are shown by eco­logical principle (according to the biotype they inhabit). This allows the visitors to obtain a better understanding about the relations in nature.
The scientific activities of department “Nature” stresses on the rare and endangered by extinction species of the flora and fauna of Northwest Bul­garia, as on the unique local species.